Established in 2021, Ola Gold Beauty is a luxurious brand specializing in bath & body and beauty products. Our brand is committed to offering high-quality, clean beauty solutions, prioritizing skin health and well-being. We understand the potential harm of certain beauty products, which is why our mission revolves around crafting clean beauty products that are free from harmful ingredients. Our products are designed to improve skin health, provide intense hydration and moisture, and promote a healthy glow. We achieve this by utilizing vegan, natural and organic oils, butters, herbs, and vitamins, aiming to enhance your skin's natural radiance and deliver a luxurious at-home spa experience.

At Ola Gold Beauty, we take pride in elevating your skincare routine by harnessing the power of premium ingredients that transcend superficial moisturization. Our commitment is reflected in every product across our line, meticulously formulated to offer more than just surface-level care.

We believe in the transformative effects of nature, and our products are crafted with the finest natural components. Each formulation is designed to deeply penetrate the skin, delivering a rich blend of essential nutrients and vitamins. This approach ensures that your skin receives the optimal nourishment, moisture, and protection it needs to radiate with grace.



Ola Gold Beauty is named with a special meaning. "Ola" in Yoruba means wealth, which symbolizes the value we place on our products. "Gold" is known for its unique color, resistance to tarnishing, and attractive glow, similar to the qualities we aim to enhance in the skin. Our products are designed to contribute to your skin's value, making it lustrous and attractive. We believe that using natural herbs and beneficial ingredients for our skin is not just important, but necessary. This commitment drives us to bring about positive change in the beauty industry.


We're here to revolutionize beauty! Our mission is to bring you beauty products that not only look great but also prioritize safety, naturalness, organics, vegan formulas, and amazing benefits for your skin. Say no to toxic elements, we're challenging the beauty industry to be healthier and more sustainable. Get ready for opulent spa-grade body care and beauty products that are safer, more beneficial, and fit into your easy self-care routine. Treat yourself to a spa-like experience at home with our products, packed with essential nutrients, natural herbs, and vitamins for boosted moisture, hydration, and skin protection. Say no to harsh ingredients like petroleum, formaldehydes, chemicals, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and more.

Don't compromise on your personal care and skincare rituals. Make the switch to our vegan, natural, melanin-approved, and beneficial luxury products. Your skin deserves the best, and we're here to deliver just that!


Introducing Daisha Agboola, the visionary mind and founder of Ola Gold Beauty. Previously recognized as Daisha Collins and hailing from the heart of Minnesota, Daisha is not only a creative force but also holds a university degree in Strategic Communication. With a background encompassing roles as a social media manager, PR manager, and health & wellness advocate, Daisha has now assumed the role of CEO at OLA GOLD BEAUTY. Her journey is a testament to her passion and purpose in the beauty and wellness industry. Daisha's journey started when she embraced a cleaner lifestyle, focusing on a healthier diet and becoming ingredient-conscious. Realizing store-bought products weren't serving her skin and caused reactions for her husband, she researched and discovered potential dangers. This led her to create Ola Gold Beauty, dedicated to providing a luxurious and safer alternative for everyone worldwide.