The Biochemistry Behind Melanin Skin

In people, melanin exists in three forms: eumelanin, pheomelanin, and neuromelanin.

Eumelanin: Have black and brown color

Pheomelanin: Have red or yellow color, responsible for red hair and freckles.

Neuromelanin: Is found in the brain, but it function remain vague.

What Role Do Melanin Play?

Not only do melanin provide pigmentation in people, melanin also plays an important biological role by providing protection against damage from the sun. Protection against UV light. Melanin also helps protect the cells of the epidermis, or outer layer of the skin, from UV light.


The Importance Of Protecting Your Melanin!

Your melanin skin is a filter, not a block, It’s just a layer that sun has to get through first, so you have a little more protection. Eventually sun will still get through it, If you don’t use the right products, ultimately you are going to tan.  But ultimately you are also destroying your collagen that’s deep in your skin that’s why it's important to use our OLA GOLD BEAUTY products on your skin. Not only do our products provide nutrients to your skin, our products acts as a protective barrier, helping maintain your skin and also works as a natural sun screen.