What Kinds of Products Do You Produce?

We produce items such as herbal & vitamin infused body milk, herbal & vitamin infused body butter, herbal & vitamin infused body oil, herbal coconut milk bath soak, shea butter scrub and sea moss infused bar soaps!


What Are The Color Series Bundles & How Do I choose?

The colors series bundle is dedicated to your specific skin concerns, so your choice would be based on your skin preference, we have 4 color series available. 

🧡: The Orange Series - Dedicated To Skin Toning & Brightening

💚: The Green Series - Dedicated To Dry & Sensitive Skin

💗: The Pink Series - Dedicated to Daily Moisture

💛: The Yellow Series - Dedicated To Boosting Collagen, Firming, Toning & Improving Skin Texture.


What is The Difference Between The Regular Bundle and Deluxe Bundle?

  • Each regular bundle comes with a herbal & vitamin infused body milk, herbal & vitamin infused glow oil and an herbal & vitamin infused body butter.
  • Each deluxe bundle comes with a herbal & vitamin infused body milk, herbal & vitamin infused glow oil, herbal & vitamin infused body butter, butter scrub, coconut milk bath soak and a herbal sea moss bar soap.


What Makes Ola Gold Beauty Unique?

We focus solely on using high quality herbs, vitamins and natural ingredients that will do more than just provide your skin with temporary moisture. All of products are formulated from vegan and natural ingredients that will penetrate deep into the skin, providing your body with extra nutrients, added protection and long lasting moisture that will treat dryness. All of our products are free of petroleum, formaldehydes, harsh chemicals, parabens and sulfates.


Why Should You Invest In Ola Gold Beauty?

The skin is the most sensitive organ of our body and also the most vital one. The first step towards skin wellness begins with protecting our skin from external factors and not harming it due to our own negligence. We want to spread awareness and motivate you to take better care of your skin and body, by providing you with the tools to do so and that is by using OLA GOLD BEAUTY's products, instead of purchasing toxic products that will put your health at risk. Our natural products is better for the entire body.

Brands that mass produce or basic brands that uses cheap material in their products, contains ingredients that don’t belong in your personal care regime, such propylene & ethylene glycol (anti-freeze), Alcohol, Petrolatum, Disodium EDTA, Glyceral Oleate, Parabens and more. These ingredients will dry your skin out, strip it of its natural oils, clog your pores, prevent your body from absorbing moisture properly and have ingredients linked to tumors and cancer. These kinds of products does more harm than good to your skin and body. These chemicals have the potential to damage our core health by adversely affecting our reproductive, endocrine and immune system. Prolonged use of harmful chemicals will weaken your skin, damage your organs, and may even cause premature aging because your body will be attempting to fight off foreign substance.

Using our natural products will improve the functioning of your body, as the body recognizes natural ingredients as nutrition. Natural ingredients also improve moisture retention, encourage cell regeneration, and don’t affect the body and immune system negatively.